Become more and more a “PERSON WHO CARES” as you continue your own journey in personal growth and development.  
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This training for couples shares a simple but profound way of relating to and investing in your partner that can lead to a greater enjoyment of your relationship.  
How effective are today’s solutions in meeting the real needs of people?  How can I learn to better meet the needs of my partner? 
Keeping Relationships Healthy offers:

  • Timely preparation for an upcoming marriage;
  • Practical help to make good marriages even better; and
  • Hope and healing for troubled relationships.

Together in this training we will identify key relational needs and principles in order to better express your love, and we will help you to discover the secrets of healing hurts, building trust, and deepening communication.  You will develop a foundation for continued growth, and will have the opportunity to establish a new vision for your marriage and family. 
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